Monday, July 30, 2012

Number 9 of 10 Top Booster Gold Stories

9. Booster loses his sister and decides to troll Superman (and Luthor.)

Booster Gold #23 Vol 1. This one I'm picking just because of how entertaining I found it. Booster acting like a jerk to his rivals--who kinda deserve it. I'm not counting the whole arc about Michelle dying because there really wasn't much mention of her until the second BG series. Still her loss marks the beginning of the end of this chapter of Boosters' life. It also gives him an excuse to mess with Superman and Lex Luthor. Literally hearing about Superman fighting a Booster-look alike after his sisters' funeral he saves his rivals life from the robotic double. Then gloats about it by waving a stray piece of kryptonite in front of Supermans' furious face.

Later on Booster decides to crash Lex Luthors' party to tell him that he knows (though can't prove since the evidence was destroyed) the robot was created by Luthor. See the two of them were at odds in the business field at the time and Luthor truly saw Booster as a threat he needed to crush. Booster tells him that the company they were fighting over, the one LL bought, was a ruse. Because Booster never wanted it since his information says the company will take a big dive very soon. Then he decides to one up Luthor again by whispering something into his (Luthor) dates' ear. Smiling she asks who's place their going to abandoning Luthor. Booster gives one last parting shot saying that next time Luthor wants to create a robot he better make a female one. Ouch.

Edit: Actually this is even funnier on highsight since Luthor DID make a female robot (a Lois look alike.)


  1. This was my favourite story from his original run. Looking back it is quite surprising how he was portrayed in his first series (being able to outsmart Luthor) compared up to Ted's death

  2. I think a lot of writers forgot how smart Booster was to make him "the dumb one" compared to Ted. Jurgens hinted at a lot of things that he never got to explore more like Booster being good at gymnastics.

  3. I have not read this...but I sure would like to!

  4. It's one of the times that seeing someone act like an ass is entertaining. The fact he does this to Luthor and Superman in the same issue cracks me up.