Thursday, May 7, 2015

The New Arsenal Design

I like this design, the black adds a nice unspoken shift in Roys' character. The mask might not look as good with other artists but I like it here. The baseball hat is gone despite appearing three different covers. Amusingly half the comments I found wish he kept it given the hair. This is Roys' third hair styles since the relaunch started and seems in line with the new hair do trends of Year One Bruce Wayne, Harper Row and Jim Gordon. But guess what, he's not the only one to do this in June. 

Roy and Jason were shown in their Red Hood/Arsenal sneak peak comic. Jasons' new look isn't colored the same as the character sheet. The "turtleneck" portion of his outfit also looks very unnecessary giving him a bulker look that's too top heavy. Then he takes off his helmet... 

Yep. Jason has a similar hair style. Now I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I can buy it with Roy pretty easy since he's had a number of styles over the years. It's a punk kinda look and Jason was into punk when he was first introduced post-Crisis. Not counting the WTF-sudden-red-head time period or the simple white stripe Jason Todd hasn't had too many hair styles. Basically all he had was just a boyish bob that was parted differently due to several artists. If nothing else it's a visual clue to tell the bat boys apart. I'm willing to read more to see if I like it any better over time.
I do like the detail of Jasons' right eyebrow being split due to a cut/scar. Plus the fact he looks his age for once. The guys look like they are ready to go to war yet retain a rebelliousness. Even if I'm not 100% sold on Jasons' look I appreciate the effort because I think I get what they were going for.
Also? I LIKE the art and don't think it's bad like some people are claiming.


  1. Well, Roy's costume certainly isn't the worst that I ever seen. I like the reminds me of Kyle's a little.

  2. It reminds me of Kyle too. Honestly I don't think this costume is as bad as people are claiming.