Sunday, October 9, 2016

Batman Legacy

Some thought on this being brought up at the Batman panel.

Batman feels his mortality and wants to ensure his legacy lives on to protect the city. Fine. Feeling hope with the Gotham siblings then losing it. Okay. But thinking only he can do this? Bull.

This is the idea leading us back to the insulting clone Batman concept isn't it? We had the cloning idea presented as something Talia did that was wrong then it was suppose to be okay because Bruce wanted to do it? This IMHO is a huge insult to the bat family. Now MAYBE they mean something else like Bruce wanting immortality. I could see it being explored.

Still Bruce is once again dismissing the family as no one can live up to his standards.

  • Nightwing- in the past Bruce was stated as wanting him to be his own man. Dick doesn't have the fear factor down but he's proved he can still do it.
  • Red Hood- Bruce currently worries about Jason crossing lines although Jason has shown restraint. If asked, especially as a last request, I think he could handle it. At the moment he has too much to worry about.
  • Red Robin- Sure Tim has shown a desire to retire from crime fighting but we know he won't. Not for good. Why isn't he an option? Is it because he's not obsessed with it?
  • Robin- Damian is too young at the moment but his dismissal is the most insulting. Not because he's Bruce's son by blood but because he wants it the most. This kid thinks he going to be Batman and while he hasn't earned it yet this is like saying Bruce thinks he never will earn it. 

He might not be close enough to anyone else to consider them but this seems extreme. Especially if he's not even going to explore his options.

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