Sunday, October 30, 2016

Short Review: Blue Beetle #2

I got the digital comic to work but it's surprising how little I recall from the previous issues.


 I vaguely recall what happened. I also kept forgetting about reading this. That's not a good sign for a series. Anyway while looking for clues with the Posse Jaime finds out his mom has been secretly treating them. They go to her to help for their friend while Blur stays behind and Jaime checks the tunnel. Ted tries to prepare Blanca for her son's less than thrilled reaction. Blur stalks and flirts with Jaime. They fight because Jaime is confused and she thinks it's a good way to put the moves on him?

Jaime goes to confront his mom but she doesn't take his double standards. While his dad stays quite but smirks when they settle their difference.

Overall: I really like Jaime discovering his mom helps out the Posse. It adds a nice layer to her and shows us our first sign his parents are awesome--in this series at least. Ted helpfully reminds Jaime to stop talking before he reveals his secret ID and the fact the others think he's talking to himself.

I'm not sure how I feel about the Posse thinking Jaime is holier than thou since he is crankier than the original series. I noticed Giffin made Rip Hunter mean when he did a fill in for Booster Gold so I'm wondering if this is thing he'll be doing with Jaime. Make him a different kind of jerk to his version of Ted who comes off pretty self centered in most of his books. It's hard to say at this point. I'm not sure if I can be entirely annoyed with Ted for getting Mrs. Reyes to help out since she kept Jaime out of the loop too.

Everyone is terrified of her although Jaime has a point about putting her in danger. Still it's her choice to make and they already accepted the potential dangers he could bring as a superhero. Brenda continues to be annoying making me question why anyone is her friend. Sure friends tease each other but she's relentless. Paco seems tired of it and I think I might of reached that stage last issue.

Anyone else think Tina is weird? Her style looks retro but I mean the fact she's open about her crush of Jaime? I don't recall knowing anyone who did that at the 8-13 age range. (I'm guessing as I can't tell how old they are.) Does she know he's a superhero?

Then there's Blur...has anyone known anybody that acts like her? Was she just keeping him busy? That makes no sense because he was checking out the tunnel which no one else cared about. Her immature behavior weaving back and forth from "flirting" to "offended but still interested" violence didn't work for me. It read like forced conflict filler for the more interesting plot of the Reyes confronting each other. Blur was too needy and unbalanced. I hope she's not the new love interest.

The family bits were short but solid. Ted didn't annoy me in this, Jaime wasn't as off as last issue and it's nice to see Ted is actually doing more for the community. Jaime still isn't quite right though and a lot of the character work got on my nerves. I pre-ordered this series digitally until the end of the year. I want to stick with it but some of the characterization is bothering me. The potential is there I just need to have that likability back. Story-wise not much happened this issue which feels like it's stretching especially with the needless fight.

Say What?: Squirrel bait? What does that mean? That she's a nut?

Did you notice?: For some reason Jaime's sister likes drawing Harley Quinn?


  1. I honestly had no idea of what the heck was even going on.

  2. There really wasn't much direction in this issue.