Thursday, October 20, 2016

I looked at another DC Character Guide

It's the latest to be released that brings up Rebirth stuff and since I'm used flipping through Batman guides I forgot to look at other non-Batman related characters. 

Damian has two pages, I couldn't find Tim who should be next to Jason, Cassandra Cain has a few paragraphs based on her Orphan persona. 

Jason has a little more but for some reason it mentions things from Tynion? It says that he has magical (or mystical) powers he got from the Lazarus Pit (what?) Then lists Midas as the Outlaws enemy. The guy that showed in one issue?


  1. How long is the Jason part? Interesting stuff about mystical power. I'm pleased to hear it as I like Jason having supenatural connections, but that might change if i know the exact wording.

  2. It's a little longer than the Cassandra Cain entry and there's an Outlaws sidebar on another page. I just skimmed it but I think the mention is just a bubble by his head that's a sentence. Basically "has magical (or mystical) powers from the Lazarus Pit."

    I didn't like how Tynion wrote that Jason just had random powers. I liked the little details Lobdell wrote that hint Jason might have subtly been changed.