Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Short Review: Wonder Woman Rebirth #1

I thought I might try this series out.


Diana discovers that she's living a lie and can't tell what backstory is real. She's not the God of War and the Gods are gone when she visits them.

Overall: There really wasn't much going on in this issue. It's expected since this is a set up to reset the Wonder Woman lore. It was a little too repetitive at times and of all the WW Rebirth issues I've read so far (only 3 counting this) it's the one I like the least. I don't hate it by any means and understand its importance I just rather get to the meat of the story. Most of this was just Diana going back and forth wondering what's real before discovering she's been deceived.

As for changing canon again or rather possibly undoing all of the new 52 origin? I liked some of the new 52 WW stories but some things never sat well with me. I love the clay origin, I didn't like the "mate then murder men" plot, the Superman pairing or the outcast Princess. They felt off to me although I could appreciate the trades as Elseworlds type tales.

That said I'm approaching this with an open mind and just going with the flow.

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