Saturday, October 15, 2016

This is a thing?

Apparently there's someone that's pretending to be Scott Lobdell telling people to illegally download comics and doing posts to make fun of him. I didn't think anyone wanted to waste time being so petty but I guess there's always someone. I have writers I don't like but I just try to avoid things they write and do reviews. I don't get this train of thought.


  1. Is it the one on tumblr? I've been pretty annoyed with this user as well since they tagged many of their posts making fun of Lobdell as "jason todd". People can be savage when they don't get what they want, ie: Bi-latino Jason or whatever. I've seen quite a few people sniping at Lobdell on his twitter every chance they get just to tell him how much of a racist/LGBT-unfriendly he is. Most recent attack was after they announced Wonder Woman to be bi.

  2. That's it. I was looking for RHATO reviews and saw it. I try to avoid this type of stuff since it's so toxic and nonsensical.

    I haven't read those comments but I heard someone mention that. Honestly it makes no sense. Lobdell had Northstar come out of the closet. He wrote Generation X which was one of the first truly diverse teams Marvel had. He created Bunker and people seem to be complaining because their headcanons aren't canon.

    I've read comments of people that think Bruce having romantic feelings with a Robin is canon, that doesn't mean it automatically is.

    I think Tim Drake has a huge following that want him to be with Kon. No writer has made that happen and I don't think I've seen a writer targeted. If it doesn't happen then it doesn't happen and bullying a writer only reflects badly on you.

    1. Well it's good you didn't see those comments on twitter. Guaranteed to make your blood boil. Can you believe when Lobdell cited Bunker as his contribution to LGBT representation, his attacker said they didn't know about it, probably because his book was bad enough it wasn't worth reading or sth.

      Lobdell is just easy target I think as people think its justified to attack him since the Starfire incident. They probably think they are doing social justice service. Probably feel pretty good about themselves...

    2. Oh I can believe it because I've seen it in other fandoms. I saw people either suck up to a writer they never read or act in a similar manner. Most of those I've seen hate on him haven't read his work and it shows in their comments.

      I remember back when Gotham Sirens was a series everyone was disappointed with a bulk of the writing and Lobdells' fill in Riddler issue was the one many loved. He's been in the business working for other companies for years and many seem clueless about this. It's kind of embarrassing for fans whenever people go to extremes.

      Don't like something? Fine, do a review to explain why. I don't like many of the Eternal writers' work but I don't hate the writers.