Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Comic Fan Frustrations

You ever want to talk about a comic or see what the general opinion is but not enough people are talking about it?


  1. I feel you. In fact where I live it doesn't seem to have a comic book shop. I have to order from another city if I want to get a physical copy. I don't see discussion about it from the online community in my native language either. Strangely though, I do see people writing fics and discussing pairings...

  2. That sounds rough. I can find some talk for RHATO (not as much as some other titles) but less known titles don't get much discussion. My local comic store closed awhile back and the nearest one is still far away. I can't get there all the time so now I mostly buy online.

    It's not the same as your experiences but yeah I think I could find more on pairings and fics than talking about the issues.