Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wonder Woman #7 & 8

I may wait a while before I get any more issues. It depends on my budget for the holidays.


Wonder Woman #7

Diana saves most of the girls and reunites with Steve. Since he hasn't been her love interest for years in comic canon it's especially meaningful.

Okay this is what confuses me about this plot. The women were supposed to be followers of Urzkartaga but Diana discovers that's a lie. The truth is that women and girls at his jailers, that they can stop him. How was this kept a secret so long? Why have female around him then? Because he needs brides? 

Have their been any that haven't been made into Cheetahs? If a Cheetah craves man flesh then doesn't that endanger him and/or his male followers? Did they expect the women all to stay loyal (or be loyal if their kidnapped) when they treat the females like crap? Why did Barbara Ann agree to be his bride? She says he lied but what appealed to her?

I have so many questions which may be answered later but as a stand alone arc with no prior knowledge of the history involved? I find it hard to get into most of this arc. Sure I love the stuff with the bonding between Etta, Steve, his men, Diana and Cheetah but this one drags.

Wonder Woman #8

I was hoping this tied into the origin arc. It's pretty much a stand alone that explains B.A.M./Cheetah and her obsession with Amazon lore prior to meeting Diana. I like seeing the gods influencing her life and the nods to the Bana Mighdall. It's not a bad story I just feel disappointed because I wanted more of the other story and it feels like it's been stalling forever. I'd probably enjoy this one if it was in a trade. It's a good character piece but other than informing you who she is it doesn't seem to advance the plot. 

I truly adore the origin which makes everything else less impressive. Which is another reason I'm dropping this for now. I may catch up at some later point.

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