Friday, October 7, 2016

Nightwing at odds with Batman

Nothing of interest in the Bat family panel although the mention of this trope got me thinking.

Why is it we always see these two having problems? Most possible futures have them not on speaking terms. I think their the ones in the family that have fought each other the most.

Isn't Dick always written like he's the perfect heir, the one that supposedly knows Bruce best after Alfred? Sure Bruce can be an ass, a lot, but some times I think it's just there for forced drama. Like the DOTF bit where no one could remember who was actually mad at Bruce?

I think Dick is mad that Tim "died" in current canon but he didn't blame Bruce for the other deaths. Is anyone else mad at him? Most of the Family mad at Bruce plots of the past few years have barely used the plot and are forgotten about without anything meaningful happening.


  1. Wait... Tim died? I LIKE Tim!

    This is what happens when I stop reading.

  2. This is my understanding of it from what I heard and scans I read. Kate's dad sent drones after people to kill them. No one but Tim was able to reach the location in time. He "died" by apparently burning to ashes in seconds.

    Only he's not really dead. He was captured with everyone believing he's dead to set up for the next big event.