Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wonder Woman #1 and #2

Diana decides to look for answers and find her way home. Then we see how she first met Steve.


Wonder Woman #1

I'm not sure why Diana went to Cheetah for help. Yes Barbara Ann and her have a history I'm just not sure how she can find the island when Diana can't. Wouldn't the fake memories effect everyone? In this version being Cheetah is a curse that makes her hunger for human flesh.

I do love the design on Etta and her stylish "e" on her thumb. People think Steve might have leaked Intel to Diana but he didn't. They haven't seen each other for awhile. He keeps a picture of Diana's mug shot with him. I didn't know they made wallet size versions of those to give out but it's cute.

Steve finds out girls have been taken as Diana faces off with Cheetah to ask for help.

Overall: There's more going on than last issue but it's still feels like there's not much to talk about. The pace just feels like it's dragging a little. There's a lot of questions this storyline raises that I'm not sure if their be answered in this arc. More on that when I get to further issues in this story.

Wonder Woman #2

I'm just going to say this immediately to get it out of the way. I enjoy the origin tale far more than the present day Cheetah story. The tone is more hopeful, more adventurous and innocent despite how this issue ends. It doesn't matter if you know the origin because it's still fun. We don't know if the Zeus equals father plot or the clay one are true although it might be the former since Diana apparently has a brother in Justice League.

Anyway Diana isn't an outcast she's a beloved daughter or the queen. The Amazons have the origin of being women slain from men reincarnated back in place. Was that just for the time period or are slain women still being brought back as Amazons? Does this mean Amazons can't have children naturally again? While that would instantly veto the Zeus angle I don't want that to be canon again. What about the Bana Mighdall? Artemis was born into that group of Amazons.

We see Steve's friendship with Nick and I think everyone knew something was going to happen to him. Even so I like Steve being a godfather as well as seeing snippets of how Diana and him live their lives prior to meeting. Diana seeing the lasso was a great moment as was the silent exchange between Steve and Nick when Nick takes off his ring. Next time we see Nick he's impaled with the ring hanging off the end. But didn't he put it in his pocket on the other side of his chest?

After seeing the new 52/DCYOU Amazons treat men so horribly (Donna Troy murdering male Amazons) it's refreshing to see them concerned over the men that crashed.

Overall: Techically all we saw was characters doing everyday things and the plane crash. I still loved this issue. I like seeing the Amazons not being hostile, to see how beloved Diana is and to have Steve be shown as a good friend. It fleshed out the characters nicely.

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