Saturday, October 22, 2016

Short Review: Wonder Woman 5 & 6

I fell behind on reviewing these but I already caught up with the series.


Wonder Woman #5

I know there are some that don't like creators bringing in the characters they created but I never minded Sasha. It's funny that I saw her and instantly knew who she was although her design has changed throughout different series. She's in charge of Etta and Steve, as for her abilities? I don't know what they are in this canon although she seem to have been taken over. Maybe by Doctor Manhattan?

Etta seems so sure that Diana and Steve will always be there for each other despite not knowing the other is in trouble. I don't mind this, especially since the gods seem to have linked them but Etta didn't seem sure before. She thought that there might be a slight possibility he told Diana of his mission. A mission that happens to be linked with Cheetah/Diana as their all trying to take down the forces of Cadulo/Urzkartaga.

I do love how friendly Diana and Steve's team are with each other. Their reactions to each other are adorable.

I admit I don't really get a much of this stuff with Urzkartaga. The stuff that has to do with what Steve dubs being an entitled jackass and having toxic ideas of masculinity? That part I get, the thing I don't understand has to do with the women supposedly being followers. More of that when I get to the issue. I enjoyed the moments with Steve's team I just wished this arc had a better flow to it.

Wonder Woman #6

The gods looking over Diana and Steve is a theme I can get behind. She's their champion so of course they'd want to look over her. I don't think I ever saw Wonder Woman look so terrified when raising her bracelets. This scene is perfect because she has no idea what's going on. Steve knows this and manages to be there for her like she was there for him. They can't understand each other's words yet they still can be their meaning across. I love it.

There's so much about this that makes me happy. The awe everyone has at the weapons, the invisible plane disintegrating, how Steve was healed and the cute mug shots Diana gets. I like that the dove (goddess of love right?) watches over Steve. The art and writing make the Etta and Diana introduction cute. Naturally Diana isn't too happy to be imprisoned but no one can understand her until they find Barbara Ann Minerva who knows the language.

I'm glad that not just Diana's story is being built back up but also Steve's. Visiting Maya and Sandy to inform Maya of Nick 's death was handled well. I have a feeling we're going to see an older Sandy later on in present time. Barbara Ann makes communication making Diana even happier after she sees her two favorite new people again. The gods met Diana in her cell as animals and gave her powers.

The pace is excellent for the flashback issues and I can't express how much I get a kick out of the moments where the characters have fun. The other arc may drag but I can't get enough of the origin.

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