Monday, October 31, 2016

Giving out Halloween Candy

Most of the kids were polite even if they were excited to get candy but a few stood out.

I saw at least a couple girls wearing "boys costumes." One was Darth Vader without the mask and one was Ralphel (TMNT.) I also had a Batman but no clowns. A Skeleton gave me his mom's catalogue for Christmas stuff. The Cowboy was one of the nicest although most of them said thank you.

One was a little Iron Man that was the last of the group of six kids that arrived at my door. I was making sure I gave them all the same amount and reached a girl before him. He started yelling:" GIVE IT TO ME !!!" Over and over.

I told him to wait so I could make sure they all got the same but he wouldn't stop until I surrendered the candy. I don't think he said thank you.

A little girl some time later beamed when she saw what candy I gave her. "I like those !"

But I still have tons of candy but at least there were some memorable moments.


  1. I don't think Tony would be quite that rude, but who knows? I didn't have any kids at all!

  2. If he wasn't screaming so loud I would have told him this was why I supported Team Cap. There were only 30 something kids that turned up for candy.