Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Entry I mentioned

This is the one that says Jason has magical powers. Unfortunately someone circled the fact Jason has black hair and blue eyes (that's not new) but you can still read it. Well if that's the case they have the wrong cause for Jason's magic.


  1. This entry is seriously clumsy. But that's not news for character encyclopedia I guess. I prefer his height/weight as listed in the Batman character encyclopedia though (6'0/180), as it fits more with how he's been drawn in his own book.

  2. It's sad because I used to love the Marvel character guides and I want a DC version but each one I see disappoints me.

    Me too. I remember UTRH and how Jason had a leaner build once he removed his coat. I don't see Jason as overly bulky. One guide had Damian being taller than Tim and weighing far more than he should.