Thursday, October 6, 2016

New Batwoman Solo Series

Does this mean Batwoman won't be in Detective Comics anymore?

"After Batwoman comes face to face with the villain responsible, Batman gives Batwoman a mission that takes her around the world, creating the backdrop for her new solo series in February, whose first story arc will also be co-written by Bennett and Tynion IV."

It really rubs me the wrong way to see the "Batman gives Batwoman a mission" bit. I remember the original idea was to have Kate do her own thing and not be under Batman's thumb. She had problems with authority and their both about the same age. Kate was going to have her own bat family with her dad, Bette, her step mom, etc. Now someone told me her dad has lost it and she's fine with taking orders? What? I instantly wanted to get this series when I heard Bennett was writing but Tynion makes me not want to touch it.

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