Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bad Character Work

Have you ever had a few favorite characters that some writers never get right? That they just wrote stereotypically and then sees other readers praise the bad interpretations? Mostly because the writers are currently hot or they have no idea how the characters usually act? I've seen this happen with Booster and all the bat kids. It's lazy and annoying.


  1. It is infuriating, isn't it? I love Guy, but for some reason, it seems to be hard to write him. Booster is too often portrayed as merely a crass buffoon. Heck, Batman seems to be becoming more psychotic as time goes by.

  2. Exactly. These characters have depth and it's frustrating to see it constantly ignored to have them behave like their someone else. Making them insufferable, annoying and so unlike themselves you wonder if the writers ever read anything they were in or simply don't care.