Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Somebody is in Hal Jordon's book?

As seen in this article. Thoughts below. Yes, I'm excited.


Rip Hunter has returned to the DC Universe, bringing a mystery along with him, in this week's Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #18.
The time-traveling hero, who is part of the current live action TV show DC's Legends of Tomorrow, hasn't been seen in DC's primary comic book continuity in years. He was seemingly erased from existence after Flashpoint, although events in Convergence indicated that he - or a version of him - survived the reboot.

To the best of my knowledge it's never been confirmed that any version of Rip Hunter was erased due to Flashpoint. The two part Convergence Booster Gold issues had the Pre-Flashpoint Rip who was perplexed by the New 52 universe and was interrupted before he could offer any answers. New 52 Booster Gold didn't know who Rip was but he had some mystery people in his new origin. An unnamed employer that wanted Booster to take the time sphere and an unnamed doctor that created it. Since Rip's always been a huge part of Booster's origin it seems odd if he wasn't involved. The Linear Man version of Rip was also seen in the background.

Anyway according to the scans Rip was able to get passed the GLC defenses (which I like) and warn them that they've been erased from the timeline in the future. I don't know what's up with his new uniform though. I don't like it, it looks too much like Per Degaton's uniform for my taste. I guess it's the black but Rip's hair is even a little reddish here. Compare it to Hal's hair.

They don't know Rip Hunter? Did Dr. M and Oz screw with the timeline that much?

I love that Rip is wearing a Green Lantern ring and I hope he can actually use it. Rip did previously tell Booster and Skeets that green is his favorite color. I know it's never been alluded to but I would also like the Booster/Guy friendship and history to be back. Not just because it was awesome but I love the idea of Guy being an uncle to little Rip.

...I may have to get this at some point.


  1. I was both surprised and delighted to see Rip Hunter in GLC this week!