Thursday, April 13, 2017

Short Review: Super Sons #2

I decided to stick with this series for awhile just because I like the Kent side.


The Kid Amazo section is really dark and well done. His family were all affected by the Amazo virus and became superheroes before disappearing. Reggie killed his parents and brother while his little sister fled.

Jon continues to be adorable and smart. He's able to do logical things that escape Damian like how to properly use his powers to get information faster and noticing an open door. His attempts to lie to Lex were especially endearing as he's so bad about it. Lex is easily able to point out the flaws in the lies too.

Sadly Damian continues to get on my nerves and acts like an overbearing brat. He uses Jon as bait by cutting his line and assuming Lex would catch him since Jon can't fly. What if Lex had a device to catch Jon or didn't bother to rescue him?  Normally I'd object to him being able to hack into Lex's network when Jason is using Tim's program to do it but Damian is sloppy here. In ways bat characters usually aren't. Lex knows who broke in which should bite them in the rear. Doesn't Damian know about the program or was it only something Tim shared with Jason?

Honestly it's hard to feel for Damian when he's using Jon so horribly. Yes there's a moment when Jon questions if he's just supposed to be around to bail Damian out but I'm not sure why that's supposed to mean something. So far Jon hasn't really done anything like that though Jon does seem to make things easier for him. Damian talks about how he needs something for himself because Batman is butting in o the TT. Hasn't Damian already had plenty of things that are just for him? Up until this series started Damian pretty much did anything he wanted without a supervisor and gets whatever he wants. He refers to Bruce as Bruce instead of father implying their drifting further apart. Since we have only seen Bruce (finally) acting like a responsible father in this title it's not something I really can sympathize with. Because Bruce IS making an effort in this book.

Damian endangers Jon, someone that he knows isn't even a teen, and is dismissive of Jon being affected by seeing dead bodies. Yes he grew up in a violent environment but why hasn't he realized how emotions work by now? Surely as Robin he's seen kids horrified by such things. He gets upset when animals are harmed yet this makes no sense to him? Happily this ends with Jon finding the sister as Batman catches up to him. Meanwhile Damian mocks Jon needing his daddy not realizing Superman is behind him. I'm really looking forward to seeing how that talk goes next issue since Clark and Bruce both should know Damian is the bad influence.

I'm hoping this is building towards Damian being humbled for once. I really enjoy Jon as a character and the Kid Amazo plot is pretty good. I even liked Jon returning with snacks Damian gave him money for and him simply putting on his jacket to be back in uniform. ...Although someone should really question why a kid was out that late. Anyway I liked this better than the first issue though the main problem still remains.

Questions Raised?: Does Lex not know who Robin is?

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