Sunday, April 23, 2017

Scott Lobdell talks about Rebirth RHATO

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He talks about how he thinks we reader like consistency with the way a character is written. Which I agree with, I think he's written the definitive Jason Todd. It's the strongest part of his writing which makes me more annoyed when other writers don't get Jason right.

I'm glad Lobdell found a way to spilt the team up and still make the story personal for each one. While Bizarro doesn't have a history with the country he still has his own journey.

Yeah, I got the impression the Outlaws title wasn't so much about it being literal but the idea of being outcasts. Even Kori felt odd on Earth.

Having them go undercover with the Crime Syndicate would be great but aren't they dead?

Outlaws versus Outlaws...I kind of want that sans Jason via a classic misunderstanding.

I'm so glad that Bizarro isn't being written as dumb. Plus the fact he's not doing the reverse meaning type of talking. He's much more likable. I love the way Jason relates to Bizarro. It's such a deeply profound and touching relationship.

No comment real on the Grundy fight since his stats keep changing from the books I've read.

So editorial wants to pair up Jason and Artemis. I heard about this before I listened to the interview when someone complained that Artemis is gay. If they are keeping her portrayal from before she'd be bisexual. Artemis Requiem made a big deal about her wanting a guy. As in having a sex dream kind of lusting. But anyway as for the pairing...I can't really see it at the moment although it'd make more sense than other pairings that don't deserve a mention. I have to agree, there's no drama for them if they were a couple outside their own baggage. Though I was 100% on board for Isabel to be his girlfriend and there wasn't any drama there.

...I think I'm getting away from my point. Basically I can't see them as a couple and I don't think it should be forced. It could work but it's too early to say. Lobdell likes them giving each other crap (though Artemis is doing far more of that.) I'm glad Lobdell acknowledges that they respect each other but they don't like each other yet. Their not quite at the friend stage yet.

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