Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Green Lantern Question

The ending of the recent Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps left me with a question.


Would the Corps know who Rip is? I don't mean their current lack of knowledge of Rip Hunter I mean that whenever in the timeline he got the ring on his hand. Would it know who he really is? Would the ring and by extension the Corps know Rip's real name? Or would it just say his alias? Or would it be saying:

"*Information missing* you have the ability to over come fear."

Of course Rip might have just grabbed the ring but I'm curious what would happen if he did receive the ring.


  1. Is Booster being in the JLA with Guy still in continuity? I am still confused as well.

    But yeah... I am not sure that any of them would know... although there WA that great team-up a few years back with Rip, Booster, Hal and Superman, when I think they were looking for Batman? Hal and Supers were acting like jerks.

  2. I guess we'll see in time. I want their friendship back, I really liked it.

    Back then most heroes knew Rip Hunter, if not by meeting him then by his reputation. He's usually the go-to guy for time travel stuff. I guess I'm mainly asking how all knowing the ring tech is.