Thursday, April 20, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9 Vol. 2

I'm not loving the extra wait between issues but it makes it cheaper to also get digital copies. All you have to do is pull off the sticker on the last page to get the code. Their only good for a limited time and I've heard eBay was cracking down on people selling codes too. While I now have both copies I read this digitally because it helps keep certain things from being spoiled panels before I read it.

That said a couple things were spoiled for me online but I think they were minor things.


Artemis and Jason try to figure out who can use the Bow of Ra. Jason wonders if the general is using magic. She thinks humans, man in particular, shouldn't use the power. The general threatens to shoot them out of the sky and Jason refuses which actually impresses Artemis.

Bizarro manages to save them from getting killed but the trio end up separated. The refugees ask Bizarro for help and he promises to protect them. Jason escapes the wreckage to find guns being pointed at his face. He starts to freak out over being imprisoned and recalling his death. The soldiers think he's crazy and he's not sure if he is. Artemis finds herself back home with Akila alive.

Overall: This was decent although I have so many questions. Let's started out with what I liked.

It was cute to see Jason happy that Bizarro didn't kill and it proving that they had a positive effect on him. Artemis' distress was well done and all of the Outlaws have time to shine. Bizarro has a desire to help others but doesn't know if he can without his Reds. His innocent nature is a nice addition to the title which might be challenged going forward.

I really look forward to Jason dealing with his death and his panic at thinking he was waking up in a coffin again was really effective. His mind playing tricks can be worrying but I don't think he's ever dealt with it. I might have to write an essay about this after this arc finishes.

I saw comments on this issue revealing Jason had died in Qurac and have mentioned my feelings on it elsewhere. In short I agree with this change and think it says a lot about Jason since he's willing to return for others. Since Jason seems surprised that he considers them friends I wonder why he says she's one of the few people that could get him to return and stating she doesn't need to know that now. Does he have a crush on her?

I did wonder for a while why Gabby made no big deal about Jason being around when he died. I still don't get why he's maskless all the time without anyone knowing who he is. Yes I know Bruce has a virus that makes it impossible to identify those that work with him. That still doesn't explain why no one in Gotham asks about him and few recognized him. Why didn't Bruce inform anyone Jason died? No one in social services wondered where he went? Did Bruce plan on bringing Jason back like he did with Damian? Why keep it a secret?

I also don't understand why Jason let Bizarro feel useful over their own safety. Maybe if it could have somehow fooled radar with Bizarro going too fast but it didn't.

Did You Notice?: If you know who the Creeper is you'll know who Jack Ryder is.

Artemis has the Amazon bracelets when she previously didn't in the flashback.

I like the detail of Jason reaching out to comfort Artemis yet not getting the chance to do so. But the next panel has him suddenly in his jacket which is a little distracting.

Jason's helmet opening up instead of being pulled off. I'm not sure how I feel about it but I'd like if most artists could agree on how it should be drawn.

The height difference between Jason as Robin and him now. I appreciate it.

Question Raised?: Not that I mind but does this mean the Tomasi grieving arc isn't canon? Jason says he's only been back to the place he died once before. When Kori and him saved Roy.

Jason mentions his "birth mother" not his mom. So Shelia is canon or was this set up completely done by Joker?

Is Jason losing it?

Say What?: Artemis has been searching for the Bow of Ra for over a year.

The "talk" with the senator took place two weeks ago.

It's revealed that only the Shim'tar can use the Bow of Ra. Yet Artemis blamed the power of corrupting Akila. Was it because she wasn't the true Shim'tar?

Last issue it sounded like Akila died by accident. This issue make it sound like Artemis is guilty because she really did kill her. Jason's thoughts also seem to confirm this.

This, to my knowledge, is the first time anyone has title dropped this series in the book it's self.

Jason once again realizing he's thinking of his teammates as friends. It's touching.

Jason claims he was "still a teenager" which he should still be since Tim isn't that much younger.

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