Sunday, April 9, 2017

Qurac and it's current importance

A fictional country in the DC universe that used to be wedged between Oman, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. I say "used to be" as it might be a little unclear where it's located in current canon.


While the country did turn up in Suicide Squad I think most remember it being the place Cheshire nuked years ago. At least that was what first came to mind with me but that story isn't in current canon. Qurac has already shown some significance since the relaunch.

Roy Harper/Iron Rule

In the very first issue of the first volume of Red Hood and the Outlaws it was said that Roy was imprisoned for "trumped up charges." Red Hood and Starfire rescued Roy before he could be executed. Later on in Red Hood/Arsenal it's revealed that Roy had put together a heroes for hire group called the Iron Rule. Roy had lead the group with the best inventions but they had other ideas. After the Iron Rule went rogue Roy felt they were too dangerous to live although they would later return for revenge. The whole event was what led to his imprisonment in the first issue.

The Bana-Mighdall/Bow of Ra

This is why I question where Qurac is as these Amazons previously lived in Egypt and they worship the Egyptian gods. Though I suppose it's still possible that it's off somewhere else. Anyway Artemis mentions the people of Qurac not being thrilled when the Amazons became their neighbors/shared their land. The Bow of Ra was lost during a conflict and has recently been sent back. This in turn has Artemis, Jason and Bizzaro going to Qurac.

Jason Todd died in Qurac

Where Jason has died has varied (Iran, Ethiopia) so I don't mind this change but this isn't the first time this location was used. I believe this retcon was first done in Birds of Prey. Regardless I like the change especially how it relates to the other two Qurac stories I mentioned. It makes even more poignant that he returns for his teammates. Jason doesn't want to go back to the place he died but will for them.

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