Sunday, April 23, 2017

Short Review: Hal Jordan and that Green Lantern Corps #18

Since one of my favorite characters has turned up I decided to get this arc.


You know it's funny that GL titles have so many ring users that that are beloved even if they barely show up. I can't think of any stories I didn't like with minor Lanterns. Thus I like Space Ape and hope these two live. The partnership seems like it could be fun. They also handle the team up better than most of their corps.

Thank you for acknowledging Hal's bad leadership Kyle. I didn't realize John was running things now but it makes more sense than Hal. If all the Earth Lanterns get a chance at leading the Corps I can't wait until Guy's turn.

Kyle dating Soranik is still canon? Didn't they break up because of Kyle still loving Jade and lying about it? Does Jade exist again?

I thought Kilowog was so supposed to be more sensible but he admit that he's biased when he's asked.

I admit I'm a little disappointed that they form tools to fight. Couldn't they or at least Kyle be more creative? I do love that Guy sees the irony of him being the adult and calms things down.

I missed Ganthet and Sayd getting married, I like it of course. Saint Walker always has things rough. Kyle being a GL must be especially hard on SW.

Hal knows the planet...that's not good.

I knew Rip would only be in the pages I already saw scans of and at the end. My questions remain the same. I honestly enjoyed this issue and it reminded me why I enjoy GL books. I think this should just be GLC as it doesn't read as a Hal book which I previously worried about. I hope Rip shines in this arc and this appearance leads to him showing up more elsewhere.


  1. I don't care what Ganthet says... Hal is an idiot. At least Kyle knows his own limitations. Oddly enough, Guy has performed quite well whenever he has been given the chance to run things.

    But yeah, Soranik and Kyle's break up was sad and completely his fault. It also made no sense because the only ex-girlfriend that I could see him being broken up about was Alex... who admittedly, was. Awesome.

    I an enjoying the corps, but I o wish they would use Kilowog a little better.

  2. You're right. It might be blindness to Hal's limitations because he's done so much. I've never been a Hal Jordan fan and even I noticed this pitfall. John, Kyle and Guy all are better choices. From what I read of Red Lanterns he was pretty amazing as a leader.

    At present it seems odd to even mention them being exes until they figure out what's canon. JSA is supposed to be coming back so that might have Alan's kids back.

    Yeah, he was an ass in Edge of Oblivion. Maybe the writers are trying to tells us that these Earth Lanterns have broken his patience.

  3. I STILL miss so many DC characters!

    Bring back the real continuity, dammit!

  4. As long as they keep out the bad stuff out of canon like Cry for Justice.