Monday, April 24, 2017

Preview: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #19

Shown here. I usually don't read previews of books I'm really looking forward to but I'm not sure how good my connection to the internet will be on Wednesday.


I know Kyle pretty much implied Hal isn't a great thinker since he stated many don't think Hal was a great leader but Hal really comes across dim here.

He is shocked that Rip Hunter is human and thinks he could have stolen the ring.

  1. Why would he assume Rip stole the ring instead of it going to him if Jessica or Simon died? They all heard him trying to warn them.
  2. Earth has the most GLs in the Corps so would it really be out of the question that another would show up?
  3. Hal knows time travel is involved. Rip mentions it before he passes out and the Corps know temporal disorders are happening. WHY doesn't it occur to him that Rip is from the future?
  4. Can anyone take the ring? I thought Johns put rules in place.
  5. Does Hal really think anyone is stupid enough to break into their place and try to harm them when they are injured? I mean I know he would but most people wouldn't. Much less Rip warning them of danger?!
Granted their all a little dumb here since no one seems to piece together that the guy talking about time travel is a freaking time traveler ! Hal reminds Kyle that someone can make their own ring once again showing his ego. Are Hal and Kyle usually such assholes to injured people? Yeah I know Rip freaked out but John isn't helpless and their threatening to kill him? Could someone punch Hal? Why is he being so aggressive?  Does he have a repressed memory of Rip yelling at him for Hal giving Booster B.S.? 

Why are people this slow on the time travel thing? Seriously, they don't know about history records from Booster? John doesn't even have a mask or secret ID anymore. I also don't like the hourglass being used for Rip's icon. He previously has the infinity symbol which worked from a meta standpoint given Booster's logo for his second series. Space Ape and his partner are alive which I'm happy about. I'm looking forward to this but Hal and to a lesser extent Kyle have already been annoying.


  1. Yes... Hal really is that dumb. He also can't stand not being in the limelight and probably is jealous of Rip's nice hair. Or something.

  2. I'm surprised there aren't more wars started because of Hal jumping the gun. Seriously he has no clear reason for thinking any of this much less being this aggressive. This took Rip's ring and he should be an unarmed injured man. As far as they know he's not an actual threat to them.