Sunday, April 23, 2017

Death of the five year timeline

Thoughts on this.

They guessed that it's been 15 years in DC 's timeline. Which makes sense for Damian to be 13. If DC is giving us back the kid Robins it means they can be Robins for more than a year now.

Dick Grayson: Didio wanted to kill Dick for being too old so he's the one their going to age down. The 21 age might still be in affect because there was a bigger gap between Jason/Tim and Rick 's age. He can have years of being Robin again.

Jason Todd: Jason's age as been implied to be older than he should be ever since Loeb nonsensically said he was Dick's age in Hush. Jason was close to Tim's age but closer to Cassandra Cain's. When Tim was 16 in old canon Jason turned 18. I need to go over old Cassandra issues but I'm told she turned 18 before Bruce took her to Jason's grave on his birthday. Also he's at least 6 months younger than he should be since he was dead at the time. That amount of time makes sense as I think Bruce would notice Jason broke out of his grave if it was sooner. Having Jason too close to Dick's age never made sense from a training POV.

  • Tim Drake: He was 13 when he started as Robin which works far more than the five year timeline. Tim, like the rest, now has a reason for being so experienced.

I'd like it if Cass and Stephanie could get their stories put back but I doubt they will. Are super kids like Wally 's twins and Loan coming back? I don't know. Nor so I sadly know what, if any, relationship Ted Kord has with Booster Gold. Interesting stuff that may get me looking into the Superman trade.

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