Saturday, April 8, 2017

Short Review: Green Arrow #19

Last issue was mostly about Roy (no complaints about that) trying to go home to help out. Only Ollie turns up and ticks him off.


Did Ollie and Roy only go on one mission? Roy did pretty well but Ollie leaves him home alone for weeks. Apparently without contact as he only then admits. It's weeks longer than he expected. He comes back to a trashed home in the midst of a party and a drunk Roy with a girl. Ollie doesn't act like a great mentor which leads to Roy running away and getting addicted to drugs.

This marks the first time Dinah and Roy are meeting in new canon. Since they were extremely close previously it's a little sad but they seem to connect right away. I continue to like the potential of Roy having a brother and was upset when it looked like Bird was killed. I'm hoping nothing stupid happens to their plot like Bird being the one that killed their dad.

I waited to see if there would be more to go on with Roy no longer being from a Navajo tribe. I'm still not sure why it's changed.

I did appreciate Dinah talking to Roy and the build up to them working together. I'm hoping everything isn't perfect afterwards because this friction shouldn't be easily solved. At least with Bird/Roy we're still learning their story. The issues with Ollie have been built up for awhile. This was an okay read although I didn't like how short a period their partnership seemed to be.

Did you notice?: Snap shots of Roy's past show he's a bit of a pervert that liked to spy on Ollie's dates. Eww. Not sure what the waking up alarmed image is supposed to be.

Ollie trying to be smooth helping a woman out of a wreaked car. He bumps her head as he pulls her out. Amazing.

Cyrus looks like Norman Osborn.

Say what?: Ollie thought Speedy hated to read but Roy says he hates reading poetry and "made up crap" like fantasy. Jason has said Roy liked to watch Game of Thrones so maybe Roy just doesn't have the patience to read fantasy. Or maybe he just liked the nudity. Also cowboys aren't fake Roy. They might not be as cool as they are in books but they exist.

Questions Raised?: Did Roy start shooting up after the fight with Ollie? Because Bird previously said he thought Roy might have died from an O.D.

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