Thursday, April 20, 2017

I want Jason to meet Amazons

As in going to either Bana-Mighdall (which is more likely in the current arc) or Themyscrira. Why? Because I need to see his reaction after these scenes.

After meeting Wonder Woman and asking how she can warn them against being cold in the snow we get this. Batman telling Jason to think clean thoughts and Jason struggling with that since Bruce made him think of it in the first place. Bruce's smirk shows that was his intention.

Then a drunk (I guess, he doesn't act like this later so I wasn't sure if he was faking it?) Jason asking if men go "boom" once they step foot on Themyscrira. (*1) Yes, he seemed to be under the impression (or thinking this because he was drunk) that men instantly explode if they go there.

I'd just like a reference to these bits especially Artemis poking fun of him. Jason really doesn't have many stories with him dealing with the DCU compared to the other Robins.

*1 Made sadder when it's revealed he died in Qurac which is close to Bana-Mighdall where he was blown up.

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