Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Short Review: Booster Gold/Flintstones #1

Surely the crossover every one has been clamoring for. No? Well it's starring Booster Gold and I've been waiting for that for awhile.


Which Booster is this? Are pre-Flashpoint Booster and New 52 Booster the same? *shrugs* Really I doubt this is either as it's just too goofy and doesn't feel like our Booster. The Time Sphere looks like a freaking exercise machine instead of the proper fish bowl with seats. This seems to follow its own canon as Booster travels back in time to save Gotham from a future alien attack.

For some reason Booster thinks the cavemen can fix his Time Sphere and surprisingly Barney does by giving it a jump. Why Booster couldn't use his suit I don't know. Booster calls other time travelers for assistance and eventually gets Alfred. Yes, as in Pennyworth. All Booster wants is ten bucks put into his account. Really asking for the important things Booster.

Anyway Booster accidentally caused the invasion by killing the savior alien. Time travel stuff happens and Booster tries to use part of the saviors' body as a puppet to stop the others. Then the savior returns because of some unexplained prophecy? Booster has money now and decides to kill the extinct animal to eat.

The Jetson section was honestly a better read. Very touching. I don't think I should spoil it.

Overall: I'm not sure how to feel since I'm still a little blindsided by this. It's definitely not in the same canon as previous Booster stories and I'm kind of glad. It's not to be taken seriously and I don't really. All the same I can't say I like it. Booster barely interacts with the Flintstones so it feels like a giant cheat.

I just really miss the old Booster. At least I got the Jurgens cover.

Did You Notice?: Does Booster have the freaking Ark ?!

Yes, his football jersey has been drawn with a mid-drift at least once. I was going to scream about the number being wrong since Booster has 13 as his number and the color is different. But it's not his college uniform. No idea why the 70's pimp hat was part of the look instead of a helmet.

Say what?: "oh my peach"? I miss the Wowzers and Boosterrific expressions. This sounds like it sound be in a Mario game.

"Handsome cheetah"? Oh Booster, no. Don't come up with your own sayings anymore.

Booster was on his high school football team? That's news to me as I only heard about the college team.

Yay! Someone besides Jurgens remembered Booster was from Gotham!

There are only 13 species of animals left on Earth?! Seriously what the hell happened? This is material for a whole other annual.

"Holy Gygax", "holy snacks of Gods" did Ted give Booster these sayings and claim they were cool and Booster never caught on?

...Did a comic with Booster Gold and the freaking FLINTSTONES just mention erections?!

...And Booster accidentally killed an alien...cutting him in half...and Fred is pretty nonchalant about it... This book is surprisingly more raunchy and violent than I was expecting.

Questions Raised?: "Stole it off that guy from the future"? They don't know RIP?! Or work for him?! Then why are they always traveling through time?!


  1. Yeah...I got this and only for Booster, but it was pretty... underwhelming.

  2. Pretty much. I didn't expect much from the issue book but this? I don't even know where this came from.