Sunday, April 23, 2017

This is just really bad PR

I have a hard time believing Marvel would do this. Then again I don't get why Marvel doesn't seem to get why people are upset with the story line.


  1. Oh My God. Someone really thought this was a good idea?

    This is yet another reason... not that I needed one... why I will NOT be reading the whole Cap/Hydra crap.

    Oh Marvel... why do you do stiff like this? And then blame low sales on the GOOD books?

  2. I also heard they are making Magneto a member of Hydra. I don't like any of this and don't support it. Of course this is a company that thinks it's okay to have Spider-Man sell his marriage to a devil to get rid of his guilt for his aunt dying. I don't think they know what's morally acceptable anymore. At least the ones that come up with this stuff.

  3. They want Magneto... to be a Nazi?

    I think I just may faint.