Saturday, April 29, 2017

Short Review: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #19

I've read it and my thoughts remain the same as they were in the preview. There's more to talk about of course.


Hal is a jerk in this and Kyle is a little rude too. And well, Soranik is right, Kyle has bad timing. I expect something like that from Hal. I found Rip's talk about not being chosen amusing. I don't think he's "bragging" so much as pointing out that he is skilled while putting their minds at ease. No he can't attack them because of these reasons. I just find his way of saying it is humorous. More so if you assume Rip is making fun of the GLC for having a certain member (Hal) not being someone Rip thinks is smart.

Kyle Rayner: Your humble brag could use more humble.

I thought of Kyle's line at the end when Hal was acting so over confident. I laughed when Hal realized he was in trouble.

I'm glad Space Ape and his partner are alive. We even get Space Apes' name !

I have a theory about the villain Sarko who's obsessed in bringing back the Sinestro Corps. I think he's Soranik and Kyle's future kid. Their romance is highlighted, his skin is a pinkish tone but lighter than her. He even has a uniform that reminds me a bit of Sinestro from his blue period. Sarko acts and moves much like Sinestro. Who else but his grandson would be this much of a threat and be so dedicated?

I love that John, Guy and Soranik all had positive actions on the future. They changed it for the better.

I liked this issue although Hal and the others don't act too logical about Rip. As I said in the preview entry Hal's thought process doesn't makes any sense. I saw some fans gushing how Hal was worried about Simon and Jessica but he has no reason to suspect Rip's ring was theirs. He doesn't even consider the fact time travel is involved and he knows it. World's greatest detective he's not. Except for some odd panels with Rip I enjoyed the art. The story is fun and has potential.

Questions Raised?: Rip arrests people now? Yeah he locked the Linear Men up but his "jail" was just dumping them under his home. So to speak. I don't think he been involved in arresting since the Chronos series.

Shouldn't Rip have a better chance of finding clues in an investigation than the GLC? He understands the butterfly effect and they don't seem to get time travel.

Hal do you want share with the class why sector 563 freaks you out? It might actually help.

Why the hell should the ring stay with John? Rip is from the future and is helping them. All having the ring around means is that it's a threat in the present.

So ALL of the Sinestro Corps have enough will to become part of the GLC? I call B.S. on this.

Did You Notice?: Sarko has green eyes.

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