Friday, April 24, 2015

Convergence Booster Gold #1 Preview

It's about time! Just this preview has been the best thing I've seen from Convergence so far.


Much like the JLI Annual there's another retcon present. At the end of the last Booster Gold series it was clear that Booster was the same character with his memories changed once the DCU turned into the new 52. I had my suspicions but that's pretty much confirmed here that their different versions of the same characters. This Booster doesn't know Rip Hunter, which must mean there isn't one in DCnU (which instantly makes the place suck.) I guess there won't be one since Rip tells him the other Booster is his dad. This was already hinted at with older Booster finding Michelle in one of the captured cities and new 52 Booster having already lost his sister.

His origin also has a more past paced version where Booster seems to be stealing something for someone much like Chronos 2 did.


  1. I tried to comment on this post on Friday, but I don't see it here. Google asked me to pick out all the plates of pasta from a series of 9 pics shown tiny on my cellphone. Maybe I missed some. I guess if I can't recognize plates of pasta, I must be a spambot. (Pasta: the Voight-Kampff machine of the 21st century.)

  2. I've had similar problems with the pictures used since some of them aren't clear. I haven't heard back from someone I wrote to recently so I'm beginning to wonder if it was sent. I can't even remember what I wrote.