Saturday, April 25, 2015

So You DIDN'T read RHATO

"Conner said that Starfire would not be promiscuous in the way she was portrayed in "Red Hood & The Outlaws," though the new solo series would address the fact that she has less hangups about sexuality than most earthlings -- mostly with people telling her how she has to dress to match earth decorum." (Found here.)

If Amanda Conner read Red Hood and the Outlaws she'd know better. Apparently "promiscuous" now means being in a relationship with ONE man (Roy Harper) and having a previous relationship with another (Dick Grayson.) Kori flirted with no one besides Roy the entire run nor had sex with anyone else. She was never actually with Jason Todd as later issues confirmed (*1) and even if she was that's considered promiscuous?! I know Dick slept with at least one woman in the new 52 Nightwing series and had a one night stand in Grayson to say nothing of Bruce Wayne. Freaking double standards. This makes me furious, really it does. I kinda of figured this would happen but I'm still upset by it. Does anyone do research on the characters they write when they take over for them? I was willing to give this book a try now I'm not.

Starfire became captain of a ship of freed slaves, saved her planet, had a moving story with her sister, a wonderful relationship with Roy and great friendship with Jason. Now all of that is being forgotten to have her suddenly ditch her friends to "learn about humans" as if she just arrived and act like none of that happened. Thanks for making this easy for me. I love the character but I'm tired of this.

*1 Kori states she's known him only as a friend. Jason rejected the idea when he thought she was suggesting it, it was implied some of it has to do with her past with Dick. He also states they had their chance but chose to friendzoned each other. So tell me who else was she supposedly sleeping with?!


  1. Is really a shame that people holds to an impression more than four years old. RHATO didn't stop being published guys, the characters grew and evoled through its plus 40 issues.

    Having said that, I got to read the preview for Starfire and well, it only got me mad. The article was taking shots at the controversy all the time, claiming that THIS was the Starfire fans of the cartoon wanted.

    But the worst thing is Kori's chracterization, she went from a strong willed woman able to perfectly function on society to a naive airhead that doesn't even know how human currency works.

    And somehow is supposed the same character.

  2. It's really annoying especially when they turn a blind eye to the really bad characterzations.

    I'm avoiding Starfire unless she's being written by Lobdell. Because this is a huge step back for the character. The Sneak Peek was painful to read. Kori really think CHESHIRE was a buddy she could ask for advise? REALLY?! She suddenly has no idea what sarcasm is and was considering moving to the moon despite it keeping her away from people?

    And we never see her talk to Jason but she'll ask Tim for his advise despite never meeting on panel in the new 52? Sadly I believe people will eat this up despite how dim it makes her just because it's trendy and has big names attached.

  3. The thing it bothered me the most is that despite the DC You not being that hung up on continuity nor canon, Conner presents a cliff notes of Lobdell's Starfire origin (retconning Tamaran as peace loving people instead of warriors) and yet, it totally ignores her time with the boys. Why don't simply made a new origin instead?

    A shame since Lobdell's Kori was the first time I really liked the character.

  4. t reminds me of the JLI Annual which completely ignored the series and made me feel like I wasted my money. I'm not interested in this Starfire and having her come off so dim really hurts. She at least knows Roy and not showing Jason feels like a bias against him. They shared history and he was her best friend. I guess this version is the one with the memory loss but no one cares. :(

  5. It's depressingly ironic that Conner's Kori is the one that comes off like being not really smart.

  6. It really is. That doesn't make the series fun to me.