Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DC July Solicits 2015

Is it just me or were these a little late?

Justice League: Gods and Monsters
Prequel comics to the new movie coming out which will also have action figures. Batman and Superman get their own comic so where's Wonder Woman ?

Justice League 3001:
Supergirl ? I haven't read the comic so it may be different than my interpertation but it seems like this series is focusing a lot of older characters rather than the main cast. At least it keeps bringing them in. Speaking of the older heroes the cover gives a look at the "new" GL their bringing back. Nice to see the old haircut too.

Gotham Academy:
I won't catch up with this until after Convergence which means something else might be building up. But it doesn't look good for Olive. I hope it's not her mom.

Black Canary:
Nothing to do with the series per se but it just occurred to me that Dinah is in a band and Roy used to play drums. The art in RHATO implied Jason plays guitar maybe there could be a musical crossover. ...What it could happen.

Red Hood/Arsenal:
Jason Todd fighting a mime sounds familiar. Seriously I'll be impressed if Lobdell references it more than having them fight mimes. BTW I like Roys' costume but HATE Jasons'. They kept Tims' much hated costume but get rid of the best costume Jasons' had since UTH for this?

I won't know for sure what to think of this book until I read it but it still seems like the same deal as their Power Girl and Harley Quinn titles. Which isn't for me.

We Are Robin:
While I don't think its a good idea to make a bunch of kids Robin at once I'm trying the first issue since it falls on the same day as the last Princess Leia issue. I have no idea what to expect.

Spoiler turns up in perhaps her first appearance since BE. I thought they said she would change her costume or at least her mask afterward.

Batman Beyond:
Since this is Tim I'm not really interested, nothing against him but Terry belongs in that costume. It's not the same without him. Even so it's pretty ironic that Tim is wearing it given what happened to him in the Orignal BB timeline.

Not much besides the books on my pull list really stood out. I'm a little saddened to see there's no unintentionally funny covers. I liked those, the closest I got this time was Justice League 3001 showing a familiar Gal--and I don't mean Supergirl.


  1. Some of these sound decent... but I am having trouble dealing with the lack of Guy.

  2. I'm happy to at least have a couple books on my pull although I'm hoping for some more in upcoming months.

    I'm wondering if Kyle and Guy will show up in titles unannounced. The current theory is that Kyle will be in Omega Man. At least some part of Guy seems to be in JL 3001.