Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rear Recognition

Back when the weekly series 52 was going on there were many guesses who was under the Supernova mask. During the week where he stared at Lex Luthor through the window many noted the nicely defined rear of the hero and matched it to Booster Gold. I'm not joking, this was done on the old Scans Daily. It was noted that he's one of the characters you could ID based on his butt alone.

So I dare to ask: Can you ID a character by their posterior ?


  1. Bwhahaha! Every one knows Green Lanterns have the best butts! Although I have to admit that Booster does have a truly fine posterior. I understand Nightline is supposed to have a nice rear, but frankly... Guy's is better.

    Superman or Batman... who knows? Damn capes!

  2. Them's fighting words. I guess I'll have to put my theory to a test then. ;)