Saturday, April 11, 2015

Who is the biggest Asshole in Comics?

This was brought up by CalvinPitt over at Sally's blog so who do I personally feel is the biggest asshole in comics? I'm not going to include the more entertaining ones like Guy Gardner or even villains. These are the ones that get on my nerves and I want to see someone take them down a peg. People that as heroes shouldn't be so arrogant, cruel and/or annoying. I'll clarify if I only dislike the new 52 or older version of the character.

  • Hal Jordan: (Sorry Sally) Honestly I think I'd hate his character more if I read him more than I do. I don't like when there are characters that are always right even if they do things the wrong way. Hal doesn't interest me and he gets on my nerves a lot. I want to throttle him when he fights with Guy. At least with the Ted Kord/Guy Gardner tension I could feel for both of them. Despite his shortcomings Hal is a popular guy in universe and that gives him even more leeway. A lot of times he comes off creepy (dating the formerly underage alien girl he saw as a little sister) and very is hypercritical. Paraphrasing here: Remember when he said Booster was only in it for the fame and glory? Then in the new 52 JL WWs' lasso reveals he wants to do the heroic thing not because it's right but it makes him look good? I don't read much of him in comics in recent years so the dislike isn't as strong as it used to be. That said I do find it hilarious when he crashes into things. Otherwise I ignore him when I can.

  • Damian Wayne (new 52): I used to like him when it felt like he was changing but now he seems to keep going through the jerk phase. Bruce never knows where he is, he gets away with everything and he's written too skilled. Sometimes to the point he's better than those with far more experience and strength. Keep in mind this version of Damian is 5 years old at most as he was aged faster. It's a good thing Damian doesn't have his powers anymore because given his attitude it's a scary thing. The only thing that made him tolerable in the new 52 was Tim putting him in his place. Prior to the relaunch I switched whose side I was on based on the story. Now I'm thankful someone is willing to tell him off. Sadly I think this will change with Damians' return. I'm also not thrilled with the death and rebirth as we already went through a more emotional version of that for 20 odd years of comics. Much like Hal I don't dislike him too much if he's out of sight or not being a jerk.

  • Bruce Wayne: This one varies with writers, the only thing I truly loath is when he treats his kids like crap. The stuff with villains? I don't care some of its amusing anyway. With allies? Annoying except in the Ted Kord situation but at least that had him learning and trying to be a better person. Dick, Jason, Tim, (Cassandra prior to new 52) and Damian are his kids. They see him has their father and he repeatedly treats them like crap. Using and abusing. Emotionally and at times physically. Hell even psychologically. At this point I'm even shocked that no one thinks to take kids away from Bruce Wayne. In the new 52 he lost Jason then later Dick "dies" after its revealed he worked with Batman who Wayne funds? 

  • Barbara Gordon (new 52): This one hurts because I loved her as Oracle and tried so hard to like her new 52 counterpart. I don't like how she treats others which has steadily gotten worse over time. She comes off as a bully with a superior/inferior complex. Dinah called her out on some of her behavior but that seems to be forgotten already. Reading Batman Eternal was the last straw and now I literally cringe when I see her. In Grayson Futures End Barbara tells Dick that she's much smarter than him so she knows they won't work out and he needs to date someone like Bruce. Who always talks about how smart they are especially compared to other people? Egomaniacs? Insecure people? Keep in mind during this one sided conversation Dicks' not even paying attention. In a lot of her cameos she's screaming or mocking others. Quick tempered to the point she's attacking allies (including Batman) and almost got the wrong guy in her rage. Why are Stephanie Brown and Jason Todd labelled as reckless and she isn't?

  • Oliver Queen: He was a cheater and jackass before the reboot. Ditched Roy when he turned to drugs (partly because he felt abandoned), abandoned Connor then pretended he didn't know the truth. The list goes on for awhile. I can't speak for all his appearances now but he was still an ass to Roy in current canon. He knew Roy was an alcoholic but did nothing about it. Tossed the guy out when he objected to his treatment and felt he was being exploited. While he tried to help Roy when he was burned Ollie was an ass him and his friends. Even aften Jason found a way to heal Roy. Strange as it sounds Ollie doesn't get on my nerves as much as the others but that doesn't mean he's not an asshole.


  1. Excellent choices all! I was a little surprised by Barbara, but I keep thinking of her as she was, when she was Oracle and in the Birds of Prey. But still...Barbara does have her dickish side as well.

    Hal of course is a complete jerk a lot of the time, and certainly a lot more so, in the new 52. He's always been selfish and vain, but he used to actually have a bit of least once in a while.

    Batman is a jerk too. A HUGE jerk! So is Damian, and I used to hate his little guts, but the little monster has grown on me...mainly because he drives his Dad nuts.

    But yeah, Ollie is a class A Asshole.

  2. To be fair she had some flaws as Oracle like her treatment of Huntress but I never got to the point I couldn't stand her. I haven't felt this bothered by a character in awhile. I really should get more in depth on why Batman Eternal enrages me so much particully her part in it. But it's the sort of thing that's hard to put in words sometimes especially when it focuses on a characterizations I loath so much.

    Yep, I prefer just about any GL over Hal. I just don't get the appeal.

    It seems to be in the genes.

    Ollie really is, I'm hoping their at least making him better in his series. I heard he has a little half sister now that might be a match for Damian.