Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Convergence Booster Gold #1

Without a doubt the part of Convergence I've been looking forward to the most.


The New 52 Booster Gold origin does seem to go back to Jurgens origin intent--that Booster was selfish--it's just extremely similar to Chronos 2 in deed and attitude. Still we don't know the whole story yet just that he worked for someone as a thief and accidently got sent back in time. No mention who the professor is or his employer.

Rip saves the Nu Booster and we discover the prison all the time travelers are in is the same place the Earth 2 heroes are heading in the main title. It seems like my guess that the time travelers were seen as a threat is false as Rip reveals that they've been captured to learn the location of Vanishing Point. Booster admits he already told their jailer what he wanted to know to save Michelle. For some reason he seems clueless why this is a bad thing even though he endured torture to keep that information safe in the Futures End tie in. Or maybe he's putting on his fa├žade to try to justify himself, which is actually pretty likely.

I love Rips' reaction to this especially since I heard a lot of groaning about how Rip was unemotional during the second BG series. He doesn't go overboard to the point he attacks or screams at BG for being an idiot, it's very mild in comparison. The horror at the realization and concern for Michelle are all present. Skeets compares him zoning out to Booster although this makes me think more about the hows and whys of Rip acting like this. He doesn't get mad since it won't do anything except waste time but he also knows his dad. A different version sure, he just knows how he puts up a fake persona and his Booster also started off trying to save everyone no matter the cost (his mom then Ted.) Booster might act out if this situation was reversed Rip on the other hand has to plot the next course of action.

It is nice to have Rip and at least a version of Booster talking about the whole father son thing. Back when Remender did his two part arc he let that cat out of the bag only to have the arc ignored later because of it. As Jurgens stated that's not something Booster could learn and forget about. He'd want to know the truth whether he should or not. Interestingly Rip isn't certain where Booster is from (not sure why he'd reveal his parentage in any case) much less if he'll exist there. Then Booster mentions Wonder Woman/Superman which shocks the hell out of Rip. It's ironic as that detail was what originally brought older Booster back in the JLI Annual. I'm not sure why it shocks Rip as those two have been a couple in other worlds. His dad was supposed to be a guardian of the timeline and the multiverse afterall. This is brought up yet he claims not to have witnessed this. Uh Kingdom Come?

Since this is his area of expertise Rip is putting together his own theories thinking that the new 52 might be the only reality that matters. I'm not sure how he got that besides the fact he is unfamiliar with it. Now this might seem like a "the relaunch IS the main universe so shut up" moment but I'm willing to go along with it. At the moment it sounds like one of my theories might be true--that realities--at least some--will blend together. Or maybe Rip is a Woner Woman/Superman shipper I don't know.

I can't tell you how excited I got to see them enter the prison with all the captured time travelers. Including BLACK BEETLE (granted he's red as he was in the end of the DOD arc.) The only reason Rip evaded capture was because he kept all knowledge of himself hidden which is pretty awesome to see working to his advantage. (He just shouldn't have told the guy that revealed Vanishing Point who his dad is.) I also love how Skeets underlines how this makes Rip completely different than Booster is. This is the stuff I usually write metas about. Rip frees his dad and aunt only dad Booster isn't doing so well. (Damn it Rip don't call him dad in front of the supervillains! You spent your whole life preventing them from learning the truth and you screw it now?!)

Whenever Rips' sad I just feel for him so much and seeing him upset...look at his face. He knows his dad is dying and Dad Booster just doesn't want to accept it. Michelle shouldn't know the truth about her nephew at that age although she doesn't seemed phased by it. Rip claims all the energy from time traveling has built up and is killing dad Booster which is why he couldn't stop jumping everywhere in the FE tie in. So does that mean all time travelers are living on borrowed time (so to speak) because that is extremely depressing. If I recall right this time jump thing was also an idea for the 3rd BG series that was rejected.

Dad Booster breaks the fourth wall to say it took awhile but he mattered. That's just perfect, it sums him up so nicely. Just like his reaction to Superman ignoring the other Booster since their relationship was so complex. He gets pulled away just as the bad guys attack leading to this trio to look for him. Michelle finally gets to do something badass with her powers. They end up in the Legion of Superheroes city who mistake Rips' ability to open their dome as them being their jailers. Dad Booster disappears before Michelle can get to him ending up in his city greeted by Ted.

Overall: This is what these Convergence books should be. In what I've read some characters are passable they just don't ring as true as they do here. I honestly got emotional at more than one moment. This is the only time I felt for the characters, I mean compare this to the Dick/Tommy and Thomas/Wayne scenes from Convergence. There's barely any father/son moments and while you can feel for Bruce for meeting dad it's because you know what it'd mean to him not so much what's presented in the book. Most of this has to do with Rip and new 52 Booster being stuck together yet there's plenty of meaning to it. He wants to know about Rip and you see how upset Rip gets about the situation. For the first time Rips' allowed to show he openly cares for his family.

While Goldstar might not be in this as much as the guys she still makes a big impact. Michelle shows the proper concern for her brother she was lacking under Giffin/DeMatteis run. She's not even upset that he was prepared to let her die for the greater good. More than that she doesn't let Rip protect her as she does her part to help them escape. The little interaction between Rip and her is more than we got before as they feel more like family. It would have been nice to have her react to the truth of their relationship but I can see the need to brush past that.

The JLI Annual was basically retconned and I think this story works better as we get to see the Booster we followed have a proper sent off. This is the Booster that lost his best friend, matured into a Time Master and became a father. It brought about a lot of emotional moment to have him realize he matter and made a difference. His family interactions and meeting up with Ted--it's all the best way to honor the character. Having him dying isn't a shock although it would alter Rips' timeline to lose his dad at such an early stage of his life since that version has Rip has a ten year old. Things may look bad for them at the moment yet I don't feel worried. This has such a hopeful feeling I can't help feeling positive about what's ahead. Best book of the month if not the best I read in awhile.

Questions Raised?:  Why was new 52 Booster being held away from the other prisoners? Yes Brainiac is gone but Michelle and pre-Flashpoint Booster were with them and they arrived after him.

Why didn't try try to free time travelers, at least the good guys?

How does new 52 Booster know of Vanishing Point? Unless he has a Rip it seems strange that he'd know since he'd have no reason to go there.

Did You Notice?: The time travelers are being held in a different place than was shown in Convergence.

For some reason new 52 Booster looks like he's smiling when he informs Rip that revealed the location of Vanishing Point.

Say What?: You're telling me that no one else talked about Vanishing Point even the bad guys?!

Unprotective time travel is killing dad Booster well didn't Rip invent the ways he traveled? Did his dad just randomly go place to place without protect? Or is this like him forgetting to use his force field?

According to new 52 Boosters' estimate Rip is his age and dad Booster is 15 years older than them. Rip says Dad Booster would have a 10 year old Rip. He's from the same period as the TMVP flashbacks.

Extra points for new 52 Booster asking what is up with the underwear and silver age Superboy being ticked off by it. Sure it's a one piece Clark.


  1. I am so looking forward to this.

  2. I hope you enjoy it it's by fall the best thing about this event. If this was the main story it's be a vast improvement.

  3. Well...! I must say that Rip is awfully loquacious about his relationship with Booster...just as you said.

    And...if time jumping screws up your body, why is Rip ok?

  4. Yep, that didn't feel right. If new 52 Skeets informed his Booster it would make more sense.

    I took it to mean Dad Booster was more reckless over the years because it doesn't make sense otherwise. Rip would still be time traveling longer than him at this point. Unless there's so comic logic of Rip being conceived in a place with lots of temporal energy or something any other explanation would raise too many questions. No one even answered new 52 Boosters' question if it could happen to him too.