Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Short Review: Convergence #3

A.K.A. buy the minis to see how these other fights turn out.

Telos kills the people of Kandor when they refuse to fight. Despite them being Kryptons although they don't seem to have powers for some reason. All of the Earth 2 heroes minus Batman and Dick follow the guy they saved to these secret weapon Alan sensed. The villains of Gotham despite to follow Thomas Wayne Batman from pre-Flashpoint Gotham. Thomas dies kills them in an explosion except for Dick who gets shot by Joker just like the killing joke. Telos murders Joker then demands Dick tell him what happened to the rest of the Earth 2 heroes.

We see a bunch of time travelers all stuck in a prison which was my favorite part of the issue. I can't tell who everyone is but I see Goldstar, what looks like a green/red Time Master uniform, maybe  Supernova and some others I know but can't think of their names. Of course Degaton and Monach. Since everyone made a big deal out of Monach it's amusing to see him here. I guess they threw Michelle here after they took her from the Boosters. So where are Rip and his dad(s) ? The preview for Booster Gold Convergence has them somewhere else.

Overall: I'm pleased to finally see the time travelers although they really should be at the center of this kind of event. Regardless it's nice to see that their seen as threats to their point they have to be separated from the others. Telos isn't an engaging villain, he hardly has a presence and his motives aren't compelling. Likewise I have trouble finding a hero to root for. I know it's supposed to be Earth 2 heroes who I mostly like (some I'm not familiar with) their just not too interesting here. They don't stand out and then there's Earth 2 Dick Grayson. I don't really care or like him. It's obvious he's being pushed into the spotlight but why ?

He's the only one that's not a hero per se and he seems to think everything Batman does relates to him. Thomas takes him with him to keep an eye on him which Dick saw as Batman seeing he wasn't ready. Uh ready for what? Then he assumes Batman dies to teach him how to be a better father, etc. That's stretching it as Dick even admitted they barely know each other. If this leads to Dick becoming Batman it comes out of hardly any character connection or interaction. I'm guessing their find away around what appears to be the lost of his legs if that does happen. Kind of a meh issue but I cant say I hate it.

Questions Asked?: I know the Gotham villains are mostly insane but why did they follow who they assumed to be their Batman instead of trying to kill the invaders? Sure Thomas was another Batman but they did t know that at the start.

How does Dick know his son is alive? I believe it because the woman seemed to be more than she appeared but Dick doesn't know that. Not in this main series anyway. The last time he saw his son the ship carrying him exploded.

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