Friday, April 24, 2015

Covergence Theories

I'm usually bad at these but here's my theories, mainly in regards to Booster.

Speculation and a preview SPOILER ahead

There are currently two Booster Golds in Convergence. The new 52 version and what seems to be an older version of pre-Flashpoint Booster. There are clues to the latter being the same one we followed prior in the one shot Futures End tie in. Michelle is in one of the dome cities, he mentions Rip, is an expert on time travel/alternate realities. Even to the point he's reluctantly willing to sacrifice his own sister to save all of time and space.

Now I made a few guesses on the outcome awhile back. I believe they were:

  1. Some of the surviving realities blend. (This won't be the case for Earth 2.)
  2. They'd still exist on their own worlds.
  3. Some characters go on to different worlds.
Obviously some worlds will and have died. In Booster Gold we have an interesting pickle. We learned in FEBG that new 52 Booster has lost his own sister and in CBG that he hasn't heard of Rip Hunter. Despite stealing a time machine that looks like an updated Time Sphere or knowing where Vanishing Point is. For some reason Rip has no problem telling a young Booster who his father is. Which could mean he's not worried about the older Booster catching wind since he's already born (time travel headache I know) and/or he's not supposed to be born in DCnU...which is depressing. Is there only one Rip Hunter now?

If #1 happens some problems might arise since DCnU Booster knows he has to have a kid since there HAS to be a Rip Hunter. That in it's self would be a drama. Maybe trying to cope with different memories, etc. The proposed idea for a third BG series did deal with memory loss and it was mentioned in his odd cameo in All Star Western. I think the idea is that time travel affects memories and recall Jurgens stating the old DCU memories were still present just buried. Of course plots have changed since then as the old Booster used to be the same as the new. 

#2 wouldn't be a problem but #3 would. Remember how Rip was apparently against time anonomlies? (*1) Anyway this would mean Michelle and Rip would be the anonomlies having to stay with a different version of their Booster. Someone who isn't quite like her brother or his father. It certainly would create drama and character development for those two. While I could see the older Booster taking on a mentor role that is basically Rips' role. If the third option is taken I think it's very likely he'll die. Which would be heartbreaking but as I stated above would be used to motivate his family. I could see DC doing this mainly because of one exchange in the preview.

Rip telling DCnU Booster who his father is.

Whether or not this is his son from his world doesn't matter. It's short but that realization he has says so much. We all wondered how he'd act if he knew and this would be the only way to accomplish it without putting Rip at risk. Perhaps it's the only way we can even learn the mothers' identity since its a different world. Sadly this would also take away part of the appeal of the Rip/Booster relationship especially since this Booster isn't going to raise him.

*1 At least he was in the TMVP mini, in JSA and 52 he worked with time anonomlies who believed in him. I don't think we ever learned why he was against them.


  1. This is making my head hurt. Booster is about the only convergence book that I am actually looking forward to...but my main fear is killing off Rip.

  2. I thought about that but it doesn't make sense, not that stopped writers before but still. Rip doesn't seem to have a new 52 counterpart. He's techically not the new Boosters' son. By the rules set up in the BG series he has to exist in some form. I could see old Booster and him dying but only if there's another Rip. I'd be upset too if it does happen.

  3. I don't think they'll be killing Rip off. I mean, they just put the guy in a new television series.

    I'm much more worried that Michelle will be killed off again. I'd much prefer that we just get rid of New 52 Booster, but that seems very unlikely. What's the chance we get rid of "old" Booster and saddle NuBooster with a girl who isn't really his sister and a Rip Hunter who isn't really his son?

    Honestly, I don't think there's any way I'm going to like how this all turns out.

  4. I still don't get why the two Boosters can't be the same person. I'd say the chances are pretty good mainly because the Nu Booster doesn't have either his sister or Rip. Unless of course it's his Rip that directs Booster in his new origin and he doesn't know it.

    I'm leery but at the same time it's 2 Boosters, Skeets, Michelle and Rip have finally appeared. I haven't been this excited for a comic in a while.