Thursday, April 9, 2015

DC Dolls

I haven't shown any DC dolls in awhile but Tonner has another line and Sideshow is expanding their current line.

First is the only picture available for Tonners' new Bombshell line. Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are the only other announced figures I've seen besides Supergirl.

The Sideshow line (at the 12" scale) has Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Superman, two Batmans (blue/black), Hal Jordan and Flash. Some of them haven't been released yet. Since I already showed Sally the Tonner Hal I figured I should show the Sideshow version.

The range on Tonner and Sideshow is usually around $170-ish to $200 something. I gave it some thought if I would ever get any of these and there are some factors to consider besides the price and the scale (Tonner usually 16".) I'm not sold on some of the Sideshow sculpts like Batman nor the (thus far) limited character selection. While Tonner can be limited too it has done some lesser known characters outside the usual handful of "A" Listers. I tend to favor those characters and I haven't had much of an impulse to get these outside maybe the Starfire doll. That said I'm not expecting either company to do any of my other favorites.


  1. That's a nice Hal, but man, I am so tired of nothing but Hal. Make a Guy, John or a Kyle for a change! Or Kilowog or Salaak!

    The Supergirl is pretty, but I really don't think that outfit is all that practical for flying or fighting in.

  2. I'm kind of tired of the same old characters too. If they do any of the Robins it's pretty much given it will be Dick. Maybe even as Nightwing and Robin. Let's have some variation then I might be interested.

    To be fair the Bombshell line is mostly done for the stylized looks. Some like Lois Lane are more practical others not so much.