Monday, April 27, 2015

Jason Todds' Deathday

For those that were wondering it wasn't the beating or the explosion that killed him. It was "asphyxiation due to smoke." The death always bothered me and bought out the ugliness of creators/readers. Unlike other child deaths in comics that ugliness lingered for years and some of that victim blaming still exists.


  1. Ok I just need to get it out there because I am too giddy: I got it right!!

    I have never seen this pic and this year I was in a discussion with new fans about Jason's (the Robin's really) ages.

    Despite the discrepancy of different writers = different ages of when Jason met Bruce (I have seen some really old issues that stated he was 9 and then recently one that he was 12, then 11 and then I just gave up because that is just...) some were trying to research at what age he died.

    The I figured: the one time Jason was seen driving a car, Batgirl stated he didn't have a driver's liscence. Up to his death, Jason wasn't seen with any cars either so it HAD to be before age 16. Now, to get the closeness and the relationship that both would suffer about losing, Jason would spend some reasonable number of years as Robin with Batman. No matter at what age he tried to jack those tires, I would pin his age when he died at 15!

    And I was right!! Yay!

    1. An issue of TT also had him saying he couldn't wait until he was 16.