Saturday, April 11, 2015

Short Review: Convergence #1

This issue focuses on the worlds going to war.


Injustice world seems to come to an end which is surprising given how well that comic sells. On the Earth 2 world Dick Grayson blames the heroes for not saving his family only serving to piss them off further. Jay seems to have lost his mom and calls Dick out playing the blame game. For some reason The Red Avatar of Earth 2 decides to kiss Dick...because she's a redhead? She tells Dick to get over himself as she's well aware of everyone's deaths since she's connected to their planet. Telos arrives wondering where their city is only to be to they be the only survivors. He starts of his tournament by dropping the domes and announcing only one city can survive.

Overall: This was alright, better than Forever Evil but not much happened besides telling the cities they had to fight for survival. Some set up for character arcs sure but not much else. I did get a kick out of Telos name dropping the worlds and events the cities are from.

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