Monday, April 20, 2015

Favorite Variant for July

Teen Titans Go are the variant covers for this month and the only one I love is the Robin 75th anniversary cover.

  1. Joker (Dick Grayson from The Dark Knight Strikes Again.)
  2. Nightwing (Pre-new 52)
  3. Dead Robin (Could be either Damian or Jason but I'm guessing Jason.)
  4. Red Hood (Jason Todd RHATO)
  5. Stephanie Brown
  6. Bizarro Robin? (I've seen different versions)
  7. Chris O'Donnell Robin
  8. TTG Robin
  9. Carrie Kelley
  10. Burt Ward
  11. Tim Drake (Red version)
  12. Red Robin (could be Dick, Jason or Tim)
  13. Damian Wayne
  14. Batman the Animated Series Robin?

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