Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sucide Squad Movie Rumor

I wasn't too interested before I heard this but it does have potential.

POTENTIAL SPOILERS (no idea if it's true) for Sucide Squad and minor SPOILERS for animated movie Batman vs. Robin.

Now when I first saw the title for this I assumed they meant Jokers' Red Hood past or putting Jason Todd in The Sucide Squad. The latter being an idea I've seen a few fans purpose for comics which never made sense to me. I don't even like him being unmasked in front of other characters because it should risk Batmans' ID regards of Jason being legally dead. Someone should recognize him. Plus he won't work well with the criminals no matter what the situation especially the movie having Joker as one of the leads.

I do like the idea of Harley feeling bad about what happened with Jason. In the last universe she hooked up with Joker after that happened. In the new 52 she apparently fought Dick as Robin meaning she likely met Jason too. While she hasn't been shown as part of his death I was curious how she felt about it since previously she showed a soft spot for kids. I do hope that if Jason does show up its not to make him look bad in order to make the others look better. Or having Harley decide it's okay to kill him now since he's trying to kill them/think Joker was right. I'm not sure how they'd explain Jasons' return in the thus far serious DC movie 'verse so maybe the Red Hood part isn't true.

I'm not sure if I buy them saying DC is trying to up Jasons' status since he only had one real appearance that mattered (the UTRH movie) and is the only Robin in current canon that's not being pushed like the others. Tim for example is a major part of Futures End. Knowing me I don't think I'd like their pick for Jason anyway.

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