Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Short Review: Convergence #2

I'm a little behind in my reviews so it's time to catch up.


Dick Grayson of Earth 2 does everything he can to save his son including allowing a stranger take him. The ship blows up apparently killing his kid (which I don't fully buy given the weird lady that took him away.) This and losing his wife is apparently the reason for Dick acting like a jerk towards the heroes last issue. Back in the present Telos has captured he Earth 2 heroes and is watching other cities fight. Telos gets the Futures End cyborgs to fight Stan Lees' Just Imagine heroes. As expected the JI heroes are slaughtered giving the Earth 2 heroes a chance to attack Telos.

Thomas Wayne Batman decides to take Dick with him as the team splits up. They head to the pre-Flashpoint bat cave to meet Bruce. Oracle surprises Dick since his dead wife was also Barbara Gordon. For some reason Alfred asks who he is and Dick mentions Thomas Wayne being his Batman. I don't recall this being revealed to him. Maybe it was and I forgot or maybe it was in a tie in. I do like how the meeting between the Wayne is tied back to Dick and Tommy. Dick gets a suit to wear, they get the car and Thomas tells Bruce his father would be proud of him. They book ends with Earth 2 heroes saving a guy that claims he can help.

Overall: This was okay but not as strong as it could have been especially the meeting between the Waynes. Still no mention of the Time Masters either. Not boring like Forever Evil but not overly exciting either.

Say What?: Dick Graysons' favorite tea appears to be Earl Grey.

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