Saturday, April 11, 2015

Short Review: Convergence Batgirl #1


Stephanie Brown isn't pleased that she's part of the group chosen to fight and neither is Tim. She is out of pratice and they all know Cassandra is the better fighter. I'm not sure how Stephanie was chosen and not Tim or Cass even though their all their together. Telos didn't call out names in the main title he said the heroes of the city needed to act. Catman attacks her before she can start her bathroom break. This somehow leads to an alliance to go after Grodd. I think Tim is drugged. Cass fights Grodd as Stephanie flashbacks.

Overall: Most of this is blah. My favorite part was the acknowledgement that Stephanie had a baby and Cassandras' skills. I wish Miller would have wrote this as something felt off about the characters, particularly Tim. I'm more than a little confused with how this selection thing works. Aren't they in the same dome as Batman, Damian, Superman, Red Hood, Starfire, Arsenal, Donna Troy, the JL, Nightwing and Oracle? The pre-Flashpoint world? Why is her name on the list when Telos said the fighters of the cities had to fight?

Say What?: Stephanie is more unpredictable than Cass or Tim?

It seems that the people in the dome are breeding hamsters for cooking proposes.

She doesn't know who Catman is or Grodd?

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