Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Who are the employer and the professor?

Questions that came to me after reading the Convergence Booster Gold issue.


When new 52 Booster is making his escape he steals a time sphere that an unseen professor was working on. He even had a contact to fool the retina scanner into believing he was this professor.

Boosters' employer hired him to break in, apparently gave him the professor retina contact lens, and said to use the time machine to arrive a hour before. Now the two could be one and the same or they could be seperate people. Jurgens leaves their identities unmentioned for a reason. Unless they are the same person I have no idea who the professor is. Well I have a list of time traveling characters but not a specific person in mind.

The employer...I have a theory although I'm usually wrong about these things. I think it's the new 52 Rip Hinter. This person knows a lot of information and had to get Booster to the time machine just to get the item a hour faster? Why not a day or more? Now Booster doesn't know who Rip Hunter is, not by appearance or name which I don't think matters in this. For all we know he never met his employer face to face and doing so would make it harder to do so later on once Booster is a hero. It's all set up a little too neatly to get Booster to take his future partner in crime and the time machine which happens to take him back to the past. What do you think?


  1. I think it was Booster Gold who hires Booster Gold. I'm just not sure which Booster Gold it will turn out to be. (Does future NuBooster go back and hire his younger self, or does -- as I hope -- Old Man Booster hire his alternate self?)

    I'd say that "The Professor" is a young Rip Hunter in the process of building his first Time Sphere. (I don't think Jurgens would deviate so far from Booster's original origin that he no longer came back in time in Rip Hunter's Time Sphere.)

  2. I thought about Rip being the professor which doesn't work so well for me unless he hired him too. Granted there are versions that weren't Boosters' son or he could use aliases. It just puts too much attention on him for my liking. Of course Jurgens could make the new Rip someone who's not related to Booster like he originally was.