Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Bendis X-Men Saga Continues

I know the guy has his fans so I thought this was going to be accepted without too much protesting. Apparently not since he's addressing it in an interview. I haven't gotten around to reading the interview yet (I heard he misses the point) but I saw some more concerns I didn't talk about last time which people are calling him out on.


I mentioned not being sure if he was having Bobby as bisexual well apparently he addresses that in the book which isn't handled well. Jean claims everyone thinks their bi (really now? That absolute? Most I've heard is people thinking it doesn't exist) which as you can imagine doesn't thrill people. Worse teen Jean is telling him what his sexuality is and dismisses his claim he's bisexual implying that's why none of his (adult Icemans') relationships with women worked out. Uh there were other reasons. Lorna dumped him for Alex and he still carried a torch for her for years. Opal was tired of the X-Men stuff getting in the way but he always jumped at the chance to be reunited with her. Raven was manipulating him. I think Kitty left because of who's side he took in the Scott thing, I know enough to know it wasn't for the reason Jean states. Although I'm sure it will be retconned that way.

She says no one cares about sexuality? Well that takes away any remaining points she had as an informative source. I guess Northstar didn't have any problems afterall. And hey it's not like Bobbys' dad would care even though he had issues with his son being a mutant for years.

Jean dismisses that he's bi stating he's fully gay because he's not attracted to her apparently? Really? Wow that's REALLY egotistical on her part. I know Jean has been complaining that everyone thinks sexual things about her so the second someone doesn't their "just gay"? Brushing off his past with women to erase bisexuality has angered people. Especially because Bobbys' relationships with women have been shown in movies/cartoons. Meanwhile Karma, a Vietnamese gay woman, seems to have been turned into a villain in the same issue. So yeah this looks like a very problematic issue.

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