Monday, April 20, 2015

Favorite New 52 Books

With DC retiring "New 52" as the phrase for their line it seems like a good time to reflect on the titles I'm glad we got.
Red Hood and the Outlaws: Except for Tynion and Pfiefers' runs I loved this series. Admittingly it was a little odd to pair up Starfire with the guys (it was a editorial mandate) but it worked out. They weren't a team they were just three lost souls that became friends and helped each other cope during a hard time in their lives. I'll miss what the book was but I'm grateful for what we got and hope that their characterizations don't get mangled in other books.

Sword Of Sorcery: I think the price point and the backup stories helped get it cancelled but I adored this short lived series. Except for one scene I felt was very unnecessary it was a cross between a Saturday morning cartoon and a much less graphic Game of Thrones. There were power plays, betrayals, fantasy, sword was awesome.

I,Vampire: It's not what most assume it is. This a graphic fight that's mostly between lovers over the future of vampires. It's funny, tragic and has some twists you might not see coming. Curious how vampires work in DCU? It's explained and adds a few new changes too. Most of the art is moody which helps get you sucked into Andrew and Mary's world. While there's still potential for more stories most of the plotlines are tied up in the end.

Batwing: The Judd Winick issues that take place in Africa. There's just so much to explore and the idea of one man trying to do all of this as the lone superhero is amazing in this environment. Sure they had other heroes but as the first arc explores they disappeared. An engaging read about a character trying to make up for his past as a child solider. Sorry Luke but I'll always prefer David as Batwing.

Demon Knights: I think all of these titles I'm listing are unique but this one is the only one that takes place in the past. Plenty of intrigue with the obvious betrayer, Shining Knights' gender, and one of the few times I was interested with a love triangle. Not with who would end up with who but finding out what was really going on was fascinating.

Justice League Dark: I dropped this before the Trinity War but I loved the atmosphere the series created. While I'd rate it lower than those titles above the issues I got kepted me interested. Trying to see how these people function as a team is a lot of fun.

Gotham Academy: So far there hasn't been anything I don't like in this series. Mystery, engaging characters, cameos, great art, and seeing Gotham through new eyes.

Batwoman: As much as I hate to say it I prefer most of Ruckas' Batwomans' stories. There's a lot of potential but it never got to live up to it once the marriage was cancelled and the creative team left. Be that as it may I'm glad Kate got a series and how the character was starting to get her own niche

Earth 2: To a certain point, I didn't like that the characters I was growing to love were pushed aside and hardly used. I don't currently have any interest in the stories being done with these characters now. Besides some flaws at the start (how Joan was written, etc.) it had an epic beginning.

I think that's it, it's all I can think of at the moment. I hope that there are more titles I can love like these and that they last longer.


  1. There have been some decent books. My only quibble was that all of these stories would have been just as possible in the real continuity.

  2. Not all of them, definately not RHATO without doing some serious editing. No one knew how to write Jason so the character was all over the place. Kori wasn't so hung up on Dick and Roy didn't get addicted to a drug made from dead children. With baggage like that I'm glad some things were changed. Some stuff if BS but some changes weren't. Techically RHATO still could have been done but the characters would have been different and without the fresh start I doubt they'd escape the shadow of their past. Which would have made it near impossible for the series premise to work.