Saturday, August 20, 2011

Target Acquired: Damian Wayne

I FINALLY got Damian as Robin for a fairly decent price. Now all I need is Barbara as Oracle and funny enough a Batman figure, then I'll have the whole bat-family. (Well not Kate but she's more extended family.)

I have a strangely tall (Hush) Alfred, (Hush) Nightwing, (Batman & Son) Tim/Robin, Steph/Batgirl, a Custom Hush Jason Todd, Cass/Batgirl, Nightstar (Kingdom Come daughter of Dick/Kory) and Carrie Kelly. 

Some of the figures have little quirks. Steph has the smallest head, Cass has the biggest and Tim has an oddly bloated chest and skinny legs. I'm always frustrated that artists like Jim Lee can't seem to get that Dick is older than Jason something that's reflected in their faces. I am slightly disappoint with the Damian Robin figure since Damians' arms are too short. It can be hidden since he comes with a sword and a staff bigger than he is. Overall they make a nice display even if I'd like to replace a few.

Here's a picture of Damian looking at his AU lover and later wife much to her fathers' discomfort. And a comparison pic of how tall he is compared to Carrie. 


  1. Nice. Very nice. And true dedication.

  2. Thank you. Hopefully I can keep it at a manageable size.

  3. hey doing the same thing myself got a
    nightwing huntress Cassandra cain batman catwoman - working on getting Gordon Alfred tim drake robin oracle