Thursday, August 4, 2011

Next Wave of Dc Titles?

With the announcement of more books to come I've been thinking about what titles I'd want them to do. Mostly wishful thinking on my part.

Checkmate: This could be a mini, an ongoing or even a one shot. But the focus would be Max Lord. How he sees things, perhaps his history explored more. This would also be a good place to show what the latest incarnation of Checkmate is like under Maxs' control. Who else is there? What does the world think about it? Does the Justice League show up? I know OMAC is supposed to have checkmate making an appearance but I rather have something that only showcases Max/Checkmate.

Black Bat and Spoiler: I rather follow the adventures of Cass and Steph than rebooted Babsgirl. What will they be doing, how their friendship goes and how they interact with the rest of the batfamily. Maybe change Stephs' ID to a bat name? Although I doubt the Lavender Bat will strike fear, perhaps a bird name like Nightingale?

Rip Hunter Time Master: Likely another mini series but the possibilties are endless. Didio wants to close the timestream? Well focus on stories that won't mess with the new DC canon. Maybe telling how he met Jason Goldstein and lost the other Time Masters. Perhaps a tale from his childhood. Or if you want to use the Carter family how about Rip worrying how he doesn't remember Rani and a quest to find out if she has a set destiny?

The Courtship of Booster Gold: a.k.a how I met your mother: Okay, this one's more of a gag but who wouldn't buy a mini/max series dedicated to Booster Golds' romantic life and discovering who Rips' mommy is?

That's all I can think of at the moment but I know there's tons of untapped potential storylines to tell.


  1. Heh. These all sound great. Especially, the latter two.

  2. I need more Carter books in my pull list. Of course it's cheaper without them. :D